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Resource Coordinator -responsible for the capital and training equipment at SREMSC, the DVD and CME library, the equipment rental program, obtaining bid quotes on new equipment, classroom maintenance, serves as the media coordinator, maintains the SREMSC website and our social media presence as well as serving in a busy role as expediter.

Accounting Assistant-responsible for assistance to the Finance Manager in managing the fiscal affairs and annual budget for the corporation. This position is also responsible for advising and reporting to the Finance Manager in all areas of his or her responsibility, maintaining the fiscal accounting system, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations (federal and state) and other financial related duties.

Education and Data Programs Coordinator - responsible for designing our EMS training program; teaches EMS courses and continuing education classes for prehospital and clinical providers; provides technical assistance to EMS organizations on the AURORA-Elite patient care report system; works with EMS Medical Directors; and serves as a resource for educational and regulatory questions within Southern Region.

Southern Region EMS Council

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Southern Region EMS Council

City of Whittier - Fire/EMS Coordinator

The City of Whittier is accepting applications for a Fire/EMS Coordinator.

Job description and additional details for applying can be found HERE.