Free Online Live CME Night January 23, 6-8pm

"Pandemics and EMS": Disease hits, what does EMS do?  Bill Mackreth will explain!


Southern Region EMS Council is excited to invite you to FREE CME for all levels of EMTs. This is a live event, broadcast to the internet.  Click here to register.

Now Hiring!

  • Kenai Peninsula Coordinator.  Click here for details, additional applications being considered through January 11, 2019.

2018 Annual EMS Symposium & Awards

Below is a selection of our Opening Session and Awards photographs this year's Symposium.  Click here for more photos of the event.

Stop the Bleed App!






Check out the new app teaches

civilians how to ‘Stop the Bleed’








The “Stop the Bleed” app, which is free of charge, was designed to teach the public how to save lives in an emergency. A new app was released to teach civilians how to “Stop the Bleed” and save lives in case of an emergency.


The free “Stop the Bleed” app was recently launched by the Uniformed Services University’s National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health in an effort to teach the public how to stop life-threatening bleeding.