Southern Region Emergency Medical Services Council - Rentals

Equipment Rental

In an effort to protect the health of both our employees and the people we serve, SREMSC will be suspending new requests for equipment rentals and in person testing until further notice. We are following all CDC recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as concerns over the novel virus continue to spread.

If you already have an equipment rental or a testing time reserved, it will be honored, but we ask that you look at your needs and if it can be postponed, we encourage you to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in our office (907) 562-6449.

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Southern Region EMS Council, Inc. (SREMSC) maintains an extensive supply of EMS training equipment and DVDs, along with AHA® training equipment.

Equipment needed for in-house classes will be given priority.

For equipment availability or to place a reservation contact our Resource Coordinator by phone (907) 562-6449 or by email:

Southern Region EMS Council

When renting equipment from SREMSC:

  • Check that the equipment has been received in clean and good working order before taking out.
  • Return the item in the condition in which it was rented: this means that the equipment will be cleaned prior to its return. Fees of $20 per item will be assessed if the item is not cleaned.
  • Replace broken, damaged or lost equipment or parts of equipment.
  • Return the equipment or DVD by the stated due date, or immediately upon request of SREMSC. Late equipment returns will be assessed $5 per day/per item until the equipment is returned. Late DVD returns will be assessed $1 per day/per item until the DVD is returned.

* We do not rent equipment outside of Alaska

Classroom Rental

Southern Region EMS Council, Inc. (SREMSC) offers classroom rental.

For room rental availability and costs, please contact our Resource Coordinator at (907) 562-6449 or by email: