Medical Equipment & Supply Donations

For donations of medical equipment and/or supplies:


Esther Petrie  Put in the subject line of the email Medical Supplies.

List the supplies/equipment available and she will let you know if she can utilize the items you have.


Esther Petrie has been collecting and sending used, outdated, leftover and retired medical equipment and supplies to needy areas all over the world since 1990. Esther packages and makes all arrangements for a suitcase(s) of supplies ready for travel to places all over the world. If you or someone you know is traveling outside of country and would be willing to take one of her  "care packages” with you, please contact Esther.


She cannot accept dialysis equipment or medications. She does need " BIG, UNBEAUTIFUL" suitcases or duffel bags. She can use them even if they have flaws, as long as duct tape can make them usable.


Alaska Medical Missions

Another possibility for medical equipment and supply donations is Alaska Medical Missions,1805 Academy Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507. The phone number is (907) 522-7202 and the cell phone is (907) 317-2887. Dave Kuiper is the Director. For more information about Alaska Medical Missions, visit


Southern Region EMS Council, Inc.

Southern Region EMS Council can accept surplus EMS equipment and/or supplies that can be distributed to other EMS agencies around the state. If you have any supplies and/or equipment in your closets that you are no longer using or in need of, please contact the office at

(907) 562-6449.


If you are in need of surplus equipment and/or supplies, please contact Julie Pannone, and list what your need(s) are. There are resources available to help locate what you need.