Code Blue

About Code Blue


Code Blue was developed in 1999 to help rural Alaskan communities fund some of their essential EMS equipment and patient transportation needs.  State, federal, local government and private foundation funding has come together in a powerful partnership to help emergency medical services. The Code Blue project has helped many communities, by helping to replace worn out or aging equipment.  Struggling volunteer services have gotten new equipment they might never have been able to afford.  EMS providers are energized by the show of support. Don't forget to fill out an Annual EMS Survey, required for this application.  


We have had good success collaborating with a variety of funding sources.  The USDA-Rural Development project, the State of Alaska, the Rasmuson Foundation, the Denali Commission, local communities, borough governments, regional offices, and other agencies have come together to fund several million dollars in EMS equipment for rural Alaska since the program began. 


Important: Please download both the instructions and the application.  Please read the instructions carefully as some things are new.  Most importantly, if you are requesting a patient transport vehicle (ASAP 911, ambulance, snowbulance, etc.) a shipping solution with estimate to your location must be included with your application.  Also, since funds are not available for sometimes nearly a year from application time, have vendors build into the estimate an inflationary increase in price.


Important note - Please open the PDF *after* it has been saved to your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or double check the PDF survey after you have save it to make sure the information you have entered was saved prior to returning it.

Phase 20 Application Packet will be posted in November of 2019.