Annual EMS Survey

Part of the process for applying for various equipment grants—Minigrants, Code Blue, etc.—requires completion of the Annual EMS Survey (link below).  It is a critical piece of information to bring to bear on the State Government’s current and future deliberation over a multitude of funding questions.  Please help us make them hear you.  In addition, if there is a possibility of other funding opportunities, even if you’re not currently thinking of an application for either grant, please fill out the survey below so you can act quickly and we can serve your needs quickly. 


Annual EMS Surveys submitted as part of the requirements for applications in this fall’s Minigrant and Code Blue funding cycle are due by October 31, 2018.  The EMS Surveys may be submitted thereafter as well, but must be on file by that date for your grant applications to be considered as has been the case for past years. 


Important note - Please open the PDF *after* it has been saved to your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or double check the PDF survey after you have save it to make sure the information you have entered was saved prior to returning it.