Volunteer Opportunities

National Veterans Golden Age Games June 5-10

Further below is volunteer contact information:

Information about the Games is at:


Medical volunteers, please contact Sharolyn Kelley:

Sharolyn.Lange@va.gov (907) 257-4957

Command Center volunteers, please contact me:

Scott.Kelter@va.gov (907) 257-7464

Volunteers for all other roles, please go to their volunteer registration site:


The reasons for wishing to become a member of the Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Inc. or of any volunteer organization are endless. Regardless of your reason you must want to be a part of the organization. During an emergency we are a strategic team of emergency professionals, and after we are able to enjoy being a close-knit family of friends and neighbors. We're always willing to welcome another good neighbor into our ranks. 

The following information will provide an overview of the various programs available, the requirements, the application and acceptance process, and the training and probationary process. This information should assist you in determining if volunteering with CVFRD is right for you. 


CVFRD has five types of membership that are detailed here including; active, reserve, affiliate, and junior members.


Please follow the link below to be directed to the Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue website.

Team Rubicon is an international disaster response nonprofit that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly provide relief to communities in need. Founded in 2010 with the expressed goal of quickly responding to large-scale disasters, Team Rubicon has deployed thousands of volunteers across the United States and world to provide relief to communities in need.

Roughly 70% of Team Rubicon volunteers are military veterans. Many of the skills gained in the military – things like emergency medicine, small-unit leadership, logistics, experience in austere environments – translate well to disaster response. Military service does not define a Team Rubicon member, nor is it required. Many of our volunteers are pulled from the civil service sector. Firefighters, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, teachers, and mental health providers are among the diverse careers held by TR volunteers.


The only prerequisite required for volunteering with Team Rubicon is a commitment to service. As a Greyshirt, you will be responsible for providing immediate and impactful aid to communities affected by disaster. If you are willing to raise your hand to help those in need, we’re ready to get you in a grey shirt.


Disaster relief requires a breadth of skill sets and experience. Team Rubicon offers various training tracks – from chainsaw operation to heavy equipment to disaster technology – to our members. If you consider yourself “unskilled” don’t worry, we’ll train you up.


AK-1 is a group of your friends and neighbors from all over Alaska that have volunteered their time to prepare and stand ready to provide medical  assistance in the event of a disaster, both natural - such as Hurricane Katrina, or man made - like the terrorism that occurred on September 11th 2001.  Your team is able to field a 35 person field medical facility that is able to operate independently and without re-supply for up to 72 hours. This requires more than just medical personnel, our membership includes folks from varied occupations and skill levels such as, administration, security, communications, logistics, maintenance and more.